Standard del Thai, según la World Cat Federation (WCF) [english]

Body: Medium sized and muscular body, but still slender and elegant; neither cobby nor elongated. Legs medium in length, rounded paws. Tail of medium length and slightly tapering to a pointed tip.
Head: Moderate wedge shape with gently rounded contours. Slightly curved profile, with the dip at eye level. Strong chin and lower jaw, rounded muzzle.
Ears: Medium in size, broad at the base with slightly rounded tips and set wide apart.
Eyes: Large and slightly slanted; the upper lid almond shaped, the lower lid slightly rounded; eye colour vivid blue.
Coat: Short and glossy, close-lying; silky texture, no undercoat.
Colour Varieties: The Thai is a colourpointed cat, any point colour without white is accepted. The descriptions of colours are listed in the General Colour Guide.
Faults: The goal of the Thai breeding is the traditional type of the Siamese. Any changes of type that might imply a hybridization by extraneous breeds (e.g. woolly coat, pronounced cheeks, definite stop, round eyes) are undesirable and to be considered as a severe fault.

World Champion Phaithai Singhala Som Jai Rak:

cinnamon point
FIAF 14044
Yasmine VotionBelgium

FUENTE: World Cat Federation

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