About Siamese Cats

There are two very different kinds of Siamese cats. First, there is the round-headed, sturdier cat known as the Traditional or "Old Style" Siamese, whose origin is guessed to be that of Thailand.
The second kind is known as the Modern Siamese, or the "apple-head Siamese". The result of breeding, this version has similar coloring, but a wedge-shaped head, elongated body, and an overall sleeker bone structure. Both have the characteristic bright blue eyes.
Siamese cats are known for being extroverted as well as for being vocal, although some Siamese can have a nervous disposition.

They love affection and showing affection, and will rub up to you as often as they'd like, and will leave when they've had their fill of interaction. Siamese cats have a good temperament, unless left alone too often, and then they may become depressed.

Like all blue eyed cats, Siamese cats have a reduced hearing ability, but are not deaf.

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